Get Peachy Pink Skin The Traditional Indian Way

Sivappu Chandanam / Red sandalwood Powder

Botanical Name : Pterocarpus santalinus
English Name : Red sandalwood Powder
Tamil Name : Sivappu Chandanam

Manjitti Ver / Indian Madder Root

Botanical Name : Rubia cordifolia
English Name : Indian Madder
Tamil Name : மஞ்சிட்டி வேர் / Manjitti Ver
Hindi Name : मजीठ / Majith
Malayalam Name : മഞ്ചട്ടി / Mancatti
Telugu Name : మంజిష్ఠ / Manjishta

Roja Poo / Rose Petals Dried

Botanical Name : Rosa Damscena
English Name : Rose
Tamil Name : ரோசாப்பூ / Roja Poo
Hindi Name : गुलाब / Gulab
Malayalam Name: പനിനീർപൂവ് / റോസാപൂ / പനിനീർ / Panineerpoov, Rosapoo, Panineer
Telugu Name : రోజాపువ్వు / Rojapuvvu

Lodhra/Lodhira Pattai

Botanical Name : Symplocos racemosa roxb
English Name : Lodh Tree
Tamil Name :Lodhira Pattai
Hindi Name :Lodhra/Lodh/Lodha
Malayalam Name: Pachotti
Telugu Name : Lodhuga

Multani Mitti / Fullers Earth Powder

Botanical Name : Bentonite Clay
English Name : Fullers Earth
Tamil Name : முல்தானிமட்டி / Moolthan Mitti
Hindi Name : मुल्तानी मुद / Multani Mud
Malayalam Name: മുൾട്ടാണി മിട്ടി / Multani Mitti
Telugu Name : ముల్తానీ మడ్ / Multani Mud


Imparts an even toned clear, fresh and glowing skin with added Pink shine
Removes Tan
Treats mild acne, dark spots and blemishes
Reduces Pigmentation
Helps in nourishing and hydrating your skin

How to Use

Mix it with beetroot juice or water
Apply it on cleansed face & wash it after 20 mins
For best results, use thrice a week

Caution - Patch test before use. Do not use if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above.

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