Light Skin Prod Darveon Ferguson

For my first beat it's not too trash and it's not too exceedingly good and there's for sure room for improvement I'll have to keep working at it and my expectations when consciously making the decision to post this was, what sort of reaction would I receive in response? if it's trash it's trash but I need an understanding of how it sounds from other individuals to gain any sort of a better understanding of how I can improve myself with that being said I'm going make some major adjustments postproduction and thoroughly take my time with the next beat I work on, so that'll take some time in the meantime please enjoy and yes I acknowledged the hi hats are distorted a bit and pacing all over the place however I'm merely cataloguing this moment forever via the internet to look back at and reflect upon later on sometime in the future; "Damn nigga I created this yee yee ass beat"

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