Panam Palmer Scene Pack Part 2 No Hud 1080P Cyberpunk 2077

Here's my next Cyberpunk scene pack! Part 2 of my Panam scene pack! I will be uploading another with with more Panam scenes soon! (I just don't want to upload a video longer than 30 mins as my internet would probably die) Also, don't worry, I will do a Panam romance route pack as well, but first I want to get all the general scenes out of the way since I was already doing this playthrough.

PART 1: -


I will be uploading scene packs for each character in Cyberpunk 2077, next up with probably be Takemura or Misty. Sorry about some of the HUD things like quests popping up, I turned off everything that I could, but it didn't remove everything. The subtitles, health bar, quest tracker and mini-map are all gone though :D I also turned down the sound effects and the music so you can make voice overs easier in your edits! I must say though, it's really hard to play this game without a health bar lol

if you can, please credit me if you use my scene packs. That's all I ask

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Music is by Harris Heller


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