Street Fighter V Ce Chun Li Falke Juri Vs Eleven Pc Mod

Not doing a SC VI video today because last week's video did horrible. You guys might think this is a team battle judging from the title and the thumbnail. But actually, it is not. It is a series of 3 matches and they are all against Eleven. You see, picking Eleven will randomly select a character and it uses their costume slot #1. So I had to make sure I had some mods that I was willing to show for whoever Eleven selects. It would be impossible to do this in a team battle because what if Eleven picks a male character that I had no intentions of showing in here? Let's get to the matches. First match is Chun Li in the Akiman Alpha mod while Eleven is Menat in the Masked Vigilante Purrophecy mod. Second match is Falke back in the Burlesque mod as Eleven is Karin in the Cowboy with boots mod. Final match is Juri back in the Beach Swimwear with loose hairs, wet skin with glasses, no hat and barefoot variant. She takes on Sakura in the Devilish mod without wings variant. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. All these fights were done on level 8 difficulty and some of them took a few retries. Some decent action and I made sure I tried to do V-Shift. The CPU sadly did not do it at all again. And I need more practice using Juri's V-Trigger 2 but I loved the combo I connected in the first round at the 9:19 mark. I said too much. Hope you guys enjoy this fight and have a great day!

Chun Li vs Eleven as Menat 0:00-4:04
Falke vs Eleven as Karin 4:05-7:58
Juri vs Eleven as Sakura 7:59-11:56

Chun Li Akiman Alpha:
Falke Burlesque:
Juri Beach Swimwear contact brutalace

Menat Masked Vigilante Purrophecy:
Karin Cowgirl:
Sakura Devilish:
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