Street Fighter V Ce Falke Vs Juri Pc Mod

Decided to do a fresh match up for today so I had to play as Falke since she isn't seen much on this channel anymore. She's in the Dolls mod which completes the set of Dolls mod that danteSDT was making for all the gals in the game. Who better to have her face off against than Juri? Juri is in the Rebel Biker mod and this is with purple eyes, horns hair, and pinched navel variant. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. My Falke gameplay is rusty as hell as I dont remember connecting on many combos here. I just try to come up with ways to find the rounds. Nothing fancy compared to when I play as Chun Li, Cammy, Laura or Juri. At least both gals hit their CA's as I can always count on Juri to land hers. One more thing, this fight was very long. Didn't expect that. But I doubt it will get much views because Falke is in here. Thats all there is to say. Please enjoy this fight and have a great day!

Falke Dolls mod:

Juri Rebel Biker mod:

Juri VFX mod:
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