Sync Fpv S Quad Mod An Fpv Simulator In Skater Xl

Skateboarding + Mini quads = Fun! I've been spending my time in lockdown developing a mod for a game called Skater XL. The mod allows you to fly a mini quad around the skater xl environments, and chase skateboarders too :)

Get the mod here! :

Skater XL on Steam :

Unity Mod Manager :
Google Drive Link :
Nexus Mods Link (In case Google Drive link is down) :

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Thank you to these kind folk for making crashing less of a burden :

T-Motor :
FETtec :
UnmannedTech Shop / TheFPV :
Azure Power :

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If you're interested in getting ReelSteadyGO to smooth out your GoPro footage, I'd love if you use this affiliate link
Don't forget to use coupon code SYNCFPV to get $5 off at the checkout

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All music and SFX licensed from &

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0:00 Trailer
2:43 Welcome to 2021
3:21 The What and Why?
5:28 How to Install it
7:34 How to Use it
9:27 Success!
10:07 The Unique Selling Point
12:27 Quick wrap up
12:45 Two little quirks
13:58 Byeeeee

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